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Finished Projects

ESTRATUR - Estratégia de Desenvolvimento Turístico Sustentável para a Macaronésia (Strategy of Sustainable Tourist Development for Macaronesia)

The project, ESTRATUR (Strategy of Sustainable Tourist Development for Macaronesia), is being developed in conjunction by the three tourism regions, Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands, as part of the Community Initiative Programme INTERREG III B.

This project aims to encourage the recognition of the value of the Macaronesian tourism products, assist in the improvement of the quality of the offer, promote the flow of tourism year round and stimulate its vital connection with the natural and cultural heritage. To this end, a Strategic Plan will be developed to stimulate Sustainable Tourism in the Macaronesian Region. The Strategic Plan includes two pioneering pilot projects in this area.

(1) The creation of a Network of emblematic tourism points with the goal of enhancing and making optimum use of sites that are unique because of their exceptional natural beauty and/or historical interest.

(2) The implementation of a Strategy for Internal Promotion, to promote the mobility of the tourist within the island and to encourage the consolidation and diversification of the tourism offer.

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Quiosques de Turismo

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