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Meeting Industry

Where to Do

Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo (CCCAH)

Due to its multifuncionality, quality and strategical urban and landscape position, the CCCAH offer the ideal conditions to carry out any kind of events.

It fulfils all the specifications required for international congresses. Is prepared to hold all types of musical, theatrical or dancing events, exhibitions and fairs, conferences or even small-sized meetings.

Technical Ryder:
Sound and stage lighting; multimedia; projection & cinema system; conference & simultaneous translation systems.
Meeting rooms/training;
Multimedia room and piano-bar;
Dressing-rooms and first aid room.
Foyer: 220 m2, allows exhibitions and medium-sized events;
Parking space: 200 cars.

Grand Auditorium:
Maximum capacity: 666 people
Different configurations room, stage: 126 m2

Small Auditorium:
Capacity: 158 people
Multimedia equipment, stage: 16 m2.

Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo (CCCAH)
Canada Nova de Santa Luzia,1
9700 Angra do Heroísmo
Telephone: +351 295 206 120
Fax: +351 295 215 034
E-mail: cccah@mail.telepac.pt
Site: www.cm-ah.pt/ccc

Auditório do Ramo Grande (ARG) Praia da Vitória

The ARG, is implemented in the city of Praia da Vitória, five minutes from Lajes International Airport.

Looking over Praia da Vitória bay, it’s a modern space, multifunctional, with excellent acoustics and a great recording studio.

Equipped to handle all sorts of cultural events from musicals to dance, theatre, conferences, congress and exhibitions.

Technical Ryder:
Sound (PA) and stage lighting systems; multimedia;
Projection & cinema system;
Recording (Pro Tools) & editing television studios.

1rst floor: 399 people
Balcony: 44 people

Stage: 100 m2
Movie screen: 4mx10m
Bar, dressing-rooms & First Aid Room.

Auditório do Ramo Grande
Rua Serpa Pinto
9760-545 Praia da Vitória
Telephone: +351 295 542 688
Fax: +351 295 542 687
E-mail: ramogrande@mail.telepac.pt
Site: http://cm-praiadavitoria.azoresdigital.pt/auditorio

Graciosa Island Cultural Centre

The Graciosa Island Cultural Centre hosts a variety of events including theatre, musical concerts, festivals, conferences, and lectures.

The Cultural Centre is divided into three areas:

Work Area: This area includes a workroom and a green room for artists, a prop room, double dressing rooms, the stage, an orchestra pit, and WC.
Support Area:  This area includes the carpentry room, the sound and light control room, the projection room, and the fire fighter's room.
Public Area:  This area includes the theatre, the atrium, the coffee bar, the coatroom, the box office, and the WC.

Since theatre is one of the expected activities for the cultural centre, it has a large stage. The stage has a 12-metre proscenium arch and 120 square metres of stage area, with a total open area of 240 square metres and 15 metres of height. This space allows for working with scenarios efficiently. The stage also has an acoustical reflector panel. The stage is in the form of a cave and includes the carpentry room, the prop room, the access to the orchestra pit, and a large work and storage area.

The theatre has capacity for 246 people in 11 rows, which can be increased by 30 people with removable chairs. The theatre is ramped, without any stairs. This allows for wheelchair access and easy access for anyone with difficulties walking.  

The Cultural Centre also has a multipurpose room that can be used as an alternative theatre for more intimate cultural events. The multipurpose room has a capacity for 50 to 60 people. The attached balcony and the location of coffee shop in this area are ideal for the use of this room as coffee and music bar.

Public Library and Regional Archive João José da Graça & Teatro Faialense (Faial Theatre)

Capacity for 68 seats, backstage, control room (control of light and sound), conference table, ambo, light sticks, projection screen, etc.

Public Library and Regional Archives João José da Graça
Rua Walter Bensaúde, 14,
9900-142 HORTA - Açores - Portugal
Tel (+351) 292 202 550
Fax (+351) 292 391 344


The first Teatro Faialense (Faial Theatre), then called Teatro União Faialense was built in 1856, and was the first theatre to operate continuously in the Azores.

It was rebuilt in 1916 and was renamed Teatro Fayalense.

The Teatro Faialense (Faial Theatre) was subject to restoration and expansion works, and reopened on 6 June 2003 with modern equipment and means. The Theatre has several different areas-a cinema theatre, an auditorium, a multipurpose room and a bar-where varied events take place, with a large cultural offer.

Cinema Theatre:
Capacity: 350
Events: cinema, shows, seminars, and conferences

Capacity: 73
Events: seminars and conferences


Teatro Faialense (Faial Theatre)
Mr. Francisco Botelho
Alameda Barão de Roches, 31
Apartado 132
9900 – 014 Horta
Telephone: +351 292 292 016/017
Fax: 292 292 014
E-mail: centrais.hortaludus@mail.telepac.pt

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