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Corvo is an example of how size is irrelevant to beauty. Everything is simple, unique and magic. This natural haven becomes an imaginable comfort.

Places to Visit

Caldeirão (Large Caldera)

The Caldeirão (Large Caldera) is the crater of the old volcano that created the island. In its interior, there is a lake with several small islands. It measures 300 meters in depth and has 2,400 meters of perimeter, its highest point is the Morro Dos Homens (Man's Hill). It is one of the most beautiful views in the archipelago.

Church of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres (Our Lady of Miracles)
Built in 1795, in this church is the image of the patroness of the Island, Our Lady of Miracles. It is a valuable icon from the beginning of the sixteenth century.

Portão (Gate) Viewpoint

A spot from where one has a fantastic view of Vila do Corvo.

House of the Holy Spirit
Located in Largo do Outeiro, it is a one storey building in plastered stone masonry. Its facade is symmetrical, ornamented in the middle by a pilaster topped by a Crown of the Holy Spirit and an inscription with the date 1871.

The windmills are two dark stone constructions, within which an ingenious mechanism rotates the dome, so that its triangular sail constantly follows the winds. They are different from the ones on the other islands of the Archipelago; they are more similar to the windmills that the Moors left on the Portuguese mainland.

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